I would like to welcome you to the home of Canadian Tarot.

Here you will find a growing resource of all that is Tarot in Canada.

If you would like to connect to the site and be part of a Multi-Provincial coalition to support and upraise Tarot and the people who practice the reading of it here in Canada, click here to join Tarot Phenoms! There is much more to come!


Learn and understand the 78 Tarot Cards, their Meanings and how to read them for yourself and others.

Join practiced Canadian tarot readers to learn the meanings of the cards. Here we will discuss the underlying symbolism and subtle nuances found in the card images. We will discuss how the different cards differ from each other and indeed work together. The Tarot Phenoms are Mentors and Proteg├ęs. They have learned that the easiest way to learn is to teach and that to teach is to learn.

We have started a separate forum topic for each individual card in the 22 majors, and in each of the four suits: Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles, to help you practice and learn Tarot, to understand your cards so they became as important a life tool for you as they are for me. We invite you to post your own comments or questions for the cards and we hope that you will enjoy the community.

Begin your journey with Tarot Phenoms and our practice group at the Canadian Tarot Forum. You can join us in person with our local Tarot Phenoms Meetup Group!

Receive A Personal Tarot Reading

Members can trade readings for feedback or in exchange for a reading in our Practice group.
Members offer online and personal readings. You can choose them by their Personal Profile descriptions along with their prices in our Reader’s section.

Tarot readings can be used for guidance in all sorts of situations. They can speak to your relationships, your work, and every corner of your life. They have been used for centuries to advance the powers and intuition of individuals through their imagery and symbolism.

Readers have been know to use the cards to find lost things and people. They can be used to learn the most mundane of things, such as if there is milk in the fridge, to things as complex as how to proceed in a life where everything is crashing down around your head. You can find the Tarot Phenoms by clicking here.

Get your Tarot Swag

We decided we did not want to be involved in buying and selling the googahs that go with Tarot, and instead we have chosen to create a showcase for the purveyors of such items in our Swag Marketplace. Click through to see who we go to when we want to purchase our Tarot Swag.