Tarot Horoscope – April 5, 2020

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Tarot Horoscope – April 5, 2020

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Knight of Wands
You are being presented with a challenge this week. Be confident and inspired. Take your energy from the sun as it pours warmth and strength into the Spring, Stay alert, things are going to happen very quickly.

King of Swords
The beauty of being the King of Air is when you realize that you rely a great deal on your sword, you always remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. Be strategic and let that sword guide you into your new reality.

Ten of swords
This is everything you feared coming together in its bittersweet ending. As difficult as this was to get to, it's over, it can't be painful anymore, it's all over now., but for the memories. What you do with those will determine how well your proceed with your next steps.

Five of Swords
Sometimes you feel so far removed from a challenge that surrender feels like the only option. Sometimes surrender is a case of simple discernment. The most effective warriors choose their battles wisely.

Knight of Cups
Using emotion as the motivation for forward movement is powerful magick, especially when it comes from a place your opponent wasn't expecting. Carrying your emotion as your weapon or your shield is what it is, You get to choose how effectively this emotion works for you. Be careful to not allow it to become an obsession.

Ace of Swords
Focus your meditations on strategic truth. Use that energy as your jumping of point this week. Trust yourself for your ideas really do have wings.

The High Priestess
This is a week for making connections. The High Priestess reminds us that balance is a key element to creation and that when we are out of balance we can find it again by bridging that gap. The High Priestess is capable of being the calm after the storm and the creator of rainbows. Allow this magickal energy to shine within you this week.

Death is not a state to be feared, yet we fear it anyway. The perfect balance between leading the life we want and living the life we lead. We desire forward movement, yet we remain in our own suspended state. Happiness is often a choice, a matter of timing, and occasionally comes by chance. How would you receive yours?

The Magician
This is your week. You have everything you need to make everything you need to have happen happen. And if it doesn't happen the way you want, you're happy to allow it to happen the way it does. Throw out a few fireballs, see what happens.

The Moon
Here you find yourself sitting in the dark, staring at the reflection of the moon in the mirror because you're too afraid to look directly at the moon. Take a look at what you fear and you'll discover your greatest treasure. Don't be afraid of the inevitable. It's called inevitable for good reason.

Queen of Cups
Oh my gosh the love that pours from this Queen this week. The focus that you put on the things you love is intense and deep. The warm embrace of love is powerful. Take care not to use that power to excess as too much love can make you blind and stifling. However you display your love, it is real.

Ten of Cups
And suddenly their hearts began to sing in three part harmony and rainbows danced from the sky. What a wonderful week ahead of you. Congratulations. Remember to salute your friends and collaborators, you're not in this alone.
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