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Eight of Cups
Some weeks it feels like the minions of the deep are trying to drag you down. Just keep moving forward. You're going to get wet, but you're going to get where you're going.

The Magician
Some folks have the ability to juggle fire. This week, you are one of those people. Stay focused, and move determinedly, you have everything you need to make this week a total success.

King of Pentacles
This is the week where your physical skill really gets shown off. All of the earth energy is at your disposal. You can really do this.

Three of Swords
This week is going to be rough. The bad news is that if you allow your perception to delve there, you're going to feel as if the crows have ripped your heart right out of your chest and are having it for dinner.

The promise and the hope of this card is that when your heart is ripped out, it needs to be filled back in. You get to choose which way your new love will flow.

Three of Cups
OOH Woot Woot! Party time, excellent! Lookit you, able to do cartwheels on water! Hang onto this energy all, week, it's going to be wonderful!

Two of Pentacles
Responsibilities are what they are. Sometimes you just want to choose to stop and smell the flowers.

There isn't anything wrong with that, so long as you know that each choice you make comes with consequences. Be solid and confident in your choices. You can't really make a wrong one.

Queen of Wands
This is a week when the energies of inspiration become real and fulfilling. Use this energy to create what you want and where you need to be from any situation. This is the Diva walking into the room.

Own this week. It's yours.

The Hierophant
Take time this week to focus on your faith practice. How does your spiritual strength feed you? Does it feed you? Find a way to plug yourself into the self-confidence that faith can give you. Listen to the spirits of the world, listen to a drum ceremony. Do what you do, because without your full self, you'll get lost in the chaos.

The Moon
Perspective is everything. Choose to seek the sun in the darkness, for without light there is no dark. Don't let your mind control your understanding of the world, it can convince you of all sorts of things. It's a simple matter of looking into the week and seeing that everything is really exactly as you choose to see it. How do you choose to see it?

Three of Wands
This is a week where everything will seem like it's all working together. Focus on the teamwork, gratitude an appreciation for what is happening, because everyone really is contributing to this success you are experiencing.

Page of Cups
Kick your feet back and feel the gift of expression. You will feel like you are all that and a bag of chips this week. Step forward wearing your favourite shoes and it will feel like you were born to live like this. Talk about living the life of Pi.

Nine of Wands
Oh now! Don't give up now, you're almost there. Embrace the grandmother energies flowing towards you this week. The strength you lack is pouring into your very soul. Accept it and be fulfilled by it. It's all going to work out just fine.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. - Douglas Adams