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Four of Wands
This is going to be a week of feeling like you got out! Like something finally went your way. What a lucky felling. It's a spiritually comfortable space to be. You're going to feel fulfilled if only for a little while so enjoy it now! But, don't get comfortable and greedy. Remember where you are coming from, and be generous with the feeling of abundance you have been given, feel the warmth, spread the love. Totally totally pay it forward.

And OHMYGOD say thank you, thank you, thank you. What a gift. (even if it seems only a teeny thing).
Page of Wands
This week your spiritual prowess may be challenged. You must be brave. You must be stable. You must be confident.

Think of it like hunting great game. You are in shape and ready for the pulling of the bow; the action required to hit your target. You have the bow and arrow; in effect all the tools you need to hunt. Now, fix that target in your minds eye, you know what you are after, fix it solidly in your sites and when you are ready...

Release the bow.

Then trust what you have just unleashed will hit the target. Allow the arrow's path to show you the way. Feel the arrow's path, and walk that path.

It will hit the target because you are doing everything you need to be exactly that which you are. And that's when everything feels good.
The World
In the beginning there was an ending, and in the ending there is a beginning.
This week you will feel the ending of what may have seemed a truly intense battle or a long journey. Yet, you come feeling strong and successful, knowing what you have become. You carry a hardwon sense of peace and relief and completion and ready to see what the future holds for you.

Feel the warmth of the sunrise on your face, and embrace with gratitude the energy of completion and success. Then think about what sort of seeds you want to plant or where you want to go on your next journey?
Eight of Wands
The energy this week is going to be fast and flying! Imagine you are a competitor at a kite festival! You are going to have to be creative, and adapt quickly but have fun!

Better yet, be the kite! Feel the energy that flying on the wind brings, feel the excitement. Really get into it, and the week will just seem to fly by. So really embrace and enjoy every moment you can possibly savour of it.
Two of Pentacles
Choose your battle. Choose your path. Choose your emotional state of mind. Choose your physical reality.

Wait, wut? Is that really possible?

Oh yeah.

Life is all about choices.

You get to choose what those choices will be.

Know also, that sometimes, not making a choice is making a choice and other times, if you don't choose quickly enough, be okay with the choice life makes for you.
Ace of Pentacles
Planting viable seeds in fertile ground will always create growth. Think about what you are putting out there and how you want that to grow.

Put the effort and energy into relaxing into this new creation. For creation it is. This is the physical coming into reality.

Now it can start. Embrace it, nurture it, feed it.
Three of Wands
This is a week for gathering your energies. It feels like team work. Bring your allies and supporters together for two shall make three and three shall make five.

Feel the comfort of everything being in harmonic alignment. Use this energy to create superharmonies of magic. And give honour to the energies that you create together.
Six of Swords
This is a week for going with the flow. Don't be frightened, even if you can't see where things will take you. Feel comfort and gratitude in that you are wending your way towards something that is potentially dangerous terrain but you really are well protected and supported from all of those dangers.

Sometimes you have to cross dangerous terrain in order to get to where you really need to be. This is one of those weeks, really, just go with the flow.
Three of Cups
Woot woot, party time, excellent! What a week! You're going to be dancing in the moonlight and you'll feel like celebrating!

What joy! You can do no wrong. You'll be walking on water, so, really truly embrace this feeling like you are really all that! You all deserve this celebration.
The Devil
Life can be so tricksy. It deals us such an addictive hand. It gives us exactly what we want and teaches us to love it and live for it only for us to learn at the same time that it's not really good for us. We become trapped in a cycle of great desire to continue knowing how bad it is. But oh how good it is.

When you no longer require this Devil to fulfill your needs, you will move forward. For our own desires always draw us more powerfully than those of even our most fulfilling demons.
King of Wands
Feel the glory and honour bestowed upon you this week. This is what righteous victory truly feels like.

Embrace the energy of having brought the victory to bear, conquering the challenges that dogged your path. To the victor go the spoils.

Embrace this feeling of success and reflect with respect upon the losses that lay in your path. Be aware of what you wrought to become King. Your coronation lies in bringing experience, compassion, and empathy from the battlefield.
Ace of Wands
What are you passionate about? What are you on fire for. This is a great week to start that idea on it's pathway to reality.

This week you are inspired, you have the faiths and energies of the universe behind you for whichever idea you decide is worthy of your attention.

Spark the idea, but be aware every great idea needs to be well thought out and implemented or it was only a great idea. It's only a lot of work, but the Universe promises it will be fun.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. - Douglas Adams