Tarot Horoscope - May 10, 2020

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Tarot Horoscope - May 10, 2020

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Nine of Swords
Don't let what you know and fear keep you from success this week. Confront them, defeat them and move on. The pain can only exist until you transform it. Concentrate on what it is that you need to complete and ignore all distractions. Knowledge and responsibility go hand in hand. Trust yourself, and give yourself a break. You really are on the right path.

Seven of Pentacles
This is a card of hard work and completion, it speaks to bringing in the harvest. Know what you bring to the table and what you have to build upon. Your success is palpable, and now all that remains is move forward, once you decide to. It's all uphill from there.

Nine of Cups
Satisfaction, harmony, good health, well-being. This is a good week for taking advantage of a happy emotional state and an ability to manifest your dreams. Feel where you want to be be, and just go there.

Five of Wands
It is a time to break free. Stop playing games with the teeny sparks of interest that want to control you and step out into the great unknown. The battles and challenges you have successfully conquered will support you in your continued battles. Allow yourself to break free from the limitations you have put upon yourself and see where you truly are.

Six of Wands
This is a week of success and recognition. You will feel the ending of difficulties and conflict as you create a positive outcome. You have two emotions with which you can approach this week, one of love that will bring you success in aiding others or one of fear that will keep you on the defensive. If you are joyous and seek to game this challenge, that simple idea will make your victory that much more sweet. Trust in the pathway and go with the flow. This card isn't nicknamed "virtuous victory" for no good reason.

King of Wands, Reversed
Frustration over lack of success is obvious this week. This situation that you find yourself in is annoying to the extreme, but you still have your strength and knowledge of self. Don't allow things that seem inflexible and oppositional to stop you and most of all, stop getting in your own way. Relax and ground yourself. Perhaps try some meditation. Take a walk in the woods, maybe splash in some mud puddles. And if that doesn't work, try some medication. But chill out, as you can see, you're on the better end of this situation.

The Magician, Reversed
Stop doubting yourself. You really do have what it takes. Be open to guidance and trust that what you want is okay for you to want, because it is altruistic. Get into yourself, know yourself and then relax and be yourself. When you are unsettled and kicking yourself, you block your own energy. Stop the stinky thinking and trust in the divine energy that courses through your veins. You really are capable of doing whatever you put your heart and soul into.

King of Swords, Reversed
You're a little all over the place this week. Try and bring your thoughts and energies into alignment with each other this week. Recognize that although things are happening the way you'd like, that you can take full advantage of this situation, get creative and inventive. Once you've got a grasp on this, you can take full control and write your own story.

Six of Swords, Reversed
There is nothing more offensive in life than going for a lovely sail and then finding oneself tossed into the water. As crappy as this situation seems, you are on a journey, this is NOT your destination. You will arrive and when you do, things will happen and turn in your favour. Trust that until that happens, you have an ally and you may not know where you are going, but the captain of your boat does. Get out of the past, and focus on the future. Pain and unhappy memories are difficult to deal with, but amazingly, once they're dealt with, the healing process begins.

Two of Cups, Reversed
This appears to be a week of disharmony and tension. This is a card of extremes and often represents times of upset and misplaced desire. You may find yourself at odds with yourself rather than others and this will create upset and disharmony all by itself. Quite in contrast from the comfort and harmony experienced last week. You may find that little details are popping up requiring immediate action. Don't be afraid to open up and discuss the situation, closing yourself off and ignoring it will just make things worse.

Hanged Man, Reversed
Stress is not your friend. Your inability to get out of this situation is causing you more grief than necessary. You must come to terms with not only the current situation but what is to come. Surrendering to reality means opening up new doors and opportunities may or may not create your hearts desires, but realize that even if they never materialize, you truly did all that was necessary. Let go of the past, and the future will come to you.

Eight of Swords, Reversed
This card speaks to people who have allowed their beliefs to control them and keep them from moving forward. You either cannot or choose not to see that you have created a situation that is oppressive. Get creative. LOOK at what is really going on. You will clearly see where you are and what you need to do to rebuild your self-confidence. Start there. Bring yourself on board, there is peace once you allow yourself to be freed from these thoughts that confine you.
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