Tarot Horoscope - May 3, 2020

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Tarot Horoscope - May 3, 2020

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Six of Wands, Reversed
It looks like a week where you'll feel like you have to watch your back. You'll find challenges coming from all over the place. Remember that when you see challenges as battles, the victors win because you fear you might lose. See the battle differently, and you may find victory in turning your detractors into motivators. Perspective is everything.

King of Wands
Well, if you want to sing out, sing out! If you want to be free, be free. This is your week to be inspired and motivated. Use your voice for power and beauty and you can do no wrong.

Page of Wands, Reversed
You'll find yourself on the defensive this week. If you feel spiteful, use that emotion to your benefit. Spite is a powerful magic that can protect you and indeed help you defeat that which would othwerwise disempower you.

Ten of Cups
This is a week of karmic perfection. Embrace love and family and enjoy the good feelings coming your way. Relax and let the love flow all over you and pay it forward.

Seven of Wands, Reversed
You're feeling a little delicate this week, unsure about whether you have to have a battle or even if you have what it takes to win. Know that when you find yourself in this position, not only is there a power that you are unaware of, that is supporting you in this position, that just because you are scared doesn't mean that you will lose. Confidence is your friend.

Page of Swords, Reversed
This is not the week for laying your cards on the table. Keep your strategies and thoughts close to home, so they do not throw you into the fray before you are ready. Look for the timing you need and you'll find it.

The Hanged Man
This is a week for biding your time. It's okay. There's no rush. You have what you need. You know what you know, and when the time to move strikes you, you'll move. Karmic wheels are like that. They don't stop turning simply because you're not ready, but they can be paused. Take a close look at the situation, you've never been more ready.

Six of Cups
What a lovely comfortable place to find oneself. This week will be like a lazy Saturday afternoon with nothing to do but whatever you want. Enjoy. Lap it up. Remember all the good things that make it so that you can feel this bliss. Some weeks it's okay to just let yourself get lost in the good thoughts.

Two of Wands
Now is the time to make things happen. Take the energies that you feel and ground them into the pathway you know is before you. Feel how good it feels to take the road you're supposed to be taking. It's almost magical. It's definitely inspired and it's all you.

The Emperor
Here it is the stability you have long sought. The equal balance between that which you know and that which you need to know. You have things to do and you have things you want to do. Now is the time for taking control of that knowledge and embracing how comfortable it feels to truly be the one in charge.

Seven of Swords, Reversed
Oh sneaky, sneaky. It's such an interesting place of power to be so ahead of the game you can see all the cheats and easter eggs before you start to play. Take full advantage for sure, but remember, that when you benefit while others cannot, someone will still think you are cheating. Don't let you knock you off your game. Knowing the truth is more valuable than anything else.

Eight of Pentacles, Reversed
Trying to move forward is always most difficult when we are unsure how things are supposed to work going forward. Look for guidance, look for support and help and if it's not forthcoming, just wing it. Go with the flow. It might not be perfect, but it's good enough for now. Things will get easier.
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