Tiktok Tarot

Join practiced Canadian tarot readers to learn the meanings of the cards. Here we will discuss the underlying symbolism and subtle nuances found in the card images. We will disscus how the different cards differ from each other and indeed work together.

I have started a separate forum topic for each individual card in the 22 majors, and in each of the four suits: Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles, to help you practice and learn Tarot, to understand your cards so they become as important a life tool for you as they are for me.
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Tiktok Tarot

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Welcome to all the readers and enthusiasts who have come from Tiktok.

Feel welcome to browse and post, and hook up with the folks you know from Tiktok. Make yourself at home and comfortable!

Glad you found the place. I will try to keep the lights on for you.

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