Tina Brooks

Tarot is a very old fortune-telling tradition. It is steeped in mystery and history. Dedicated to the magic that Tarot cards, bring to my life, I have spent over thirty years learning and reading Tarot cards.

My name is Tina Brooks and I have been reading since 1979, beginning online both personally in the late 90s & professionally more recently. When I began practicing tarot online it was the through the well known, but now defunct purple pages, known as Aeclectic Tarot.

I am a member of Readers’ Studio, and the Tarosophy Tarot Association, both are deeply focused on improving the knowledge of how to use the cards, and on promoting and maximizing community around those cards.

With the demise of the AT forum other groups have popped up, but none, as yet, have spoken with a uniquely Canadian Voice.

Here begins that voice. I hope you will join me in amplifying it.